I’m getting accustomed to these new digs. Still have the daunting task of updating a couple years worth of content though. Ugh.

But, for now, I’m headed across the pond for some good ol’ tourism with the fam. We’ll be hitting up Prague and taking in the sights.

Also, there might be a Bruce Springsteen concert in there somewhere. My mom is kind of obsessed.

Anyway, here are some things upon which you can click, which will take you to some things upon which you can read.

Tom and I seem to be differing quite a lot on our opinions with the mainstream releases as of late. Case in point, he sort of hated Ted.

Nick at Anomalous Material proves just how good a writer Christopher Nolan is.

With the whole moving of locations, I completely escaped me that James was going through the same thing. Here’s his review of The Amazing Spider-Man over at the new Cinema Sights.

Branden has been pretty relentless with the actor quizzes. He just won’t stop posting them on Facebook, and let me tell ya, they are addicting as hell! Here’s one for Meg Ryan.

Uhh… yeah.


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