We are a little over 25% done with this decade! That’s a lot of movies! Oh lordy is that a lot of movies! If you were like me, narrowing down all the movies you saw into one list took more than a fair share of brain power when it came time to write up thine lists at the end of 2009. The following series will, at least for me, and maybe for you, help to alleviate that for when 2019 bows out. It’s good to do something like this! Every week, I’ll erase some of the red from that image up there, revealing the next in my list of the ten best films I’ve seen since 2010 began. These are not reviews! I’ve written those already. These are quick analyzations of why I think these films deserve to be on this list over the countless others that could have been on it! I fully expect you to denounce half the stuff I put up here! That’s what I want! Come with me! 

This is the last post. Did you guess what was coming? You get cookies!

Cloud Atlas!

Oh boy!

I knew I was in for something pretty nuts when first I sat down in the theater. About half way through, I knew what I was seeing was probably one of the best movies of the year. By the end, I knew it was one of the best movies I had ever seen! What the Wachowski’s and Tom Tykwer did with David Mitchell’s novel, itself a brilliantly original piece of work, is nothing short of astounding. Six separate stories, all told concurrently, with the same cast playing different roles in each. Oh, and each actor plays different races, ages, and even genders. Sound ambitious? That’s because it is!

The remarkable thing is that there is a veritable smorgasbord of genres and elements being thrown at the canvas here. You would think that there would be a veritable war taking place on the screen as these various styles all compete with each other. What’s remarkable is that there is no conflict at all. In fact, there is harmony, with one style informing another. Doors closing in one story coexist with doors opening in another. Death in one story heralds life in another. Comedy mixes effortlessly with drama mixes effortlessly with action mixes effortlessly with romance. And so it goes.


The cast all do stupendous jobs juggling their six roles. Sometimes they are front and center in one story. Other times they are nothing more than a cameo in others. The visuals are striking and inventive; the depiction of a far future Korea look sick and the images of 1970s San Francisco conjure up the best of films from that era.

Really, though. Even if Cloud Atlas weren’t the masterpiece that it is, it would probably have still made this list, because the scope and ambition of what it is trying to accomplish is just too damn gobsmacking! Put it to you this way! In London, me and my flatmates watched a lot of movies in our downtime at home. When we started watching Cloud Atlas, they were hooked pretty quickly! By the time we were done, they were all like, and I quote, “This movie is fucking great!” Movies like this come around ever so rarely! Thank god I was alive for this one!

2 thoughts on “The Black Hole Presents: Best of the 2010s (So Far): Part 10

  1. I loved Cloud Atlas for a lot of the same reasons you mention here. It’s ambitious as hell and beautifully made, even if not all of the stories (or all of the makeup) work perfectly.

    I still can’t believe it wasn’t nominated for an Oscar for makeup or costuming. Or score.

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