So, Nick over at The Cinematic Donkeysex Katzenjammer had this bright idea for a blogothon. Like Secret Santa, everyone would throw in a movie and once a big pool of films had been collected, we would all be assigned one at random just like, you know, Secret Santa. It’s a really cool little thing, and has already gotten a lot of traction. Check it out here.

Now, I was assigned a film that I really should have seen many years ago. For some reason, I never did. It goes without saying that it is a wonderful film, so writing a review just seemed kinda pointless to me. So I decided for something a bit more fun and improvisational. So, without further ado, here are the 14 Things That I Thought Whilst Watching What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.


14. I’m picking up the tear soaked towels I preemptively put on the ground. Should I watch movies like this with girls I like? Will that make me come off as sensitive?

13: Life Lessons Courtesy of Foodland: Consumerism Will Ruin All Our Lives

12. Burger Barn! There’s real milk in there.

11. John C. Riley! Don’t ever change.

10. I feel like I should think this movie is a lot funnier than I do.

9. I really wish Johnny Depp didn’t get famous. He used to be sooooooo good.

8. I’m really happy Leonardo DiCaprio did get famous. He just got better.

7. What the hell happened to Juliette Lewis?

6. It must be hard to do mentally challenged really well on film, cuz this is probably the best I’ve seen.

5. Yeah, haha, people of Endora, Iowa. Fat people are funny. You know what else is funny? Murder. That shit is hilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarious!

4. Speaking of which, good on the movie for not treating Bonnie as either comic or villain. She’s super sympathetic, and I loved that.

3. That moment where Becky’s car starts and she and Gilbert think they are gonna say goodbye but then it breaks down again and they are so happy? That was lovely!

2. You know what is great? Brothers! We got each other’s backs on all things.

1. You know what else is great? This movie!

Is your mind blown?

A JGL Blog-a-thon!

Over the next few days, I’m going to be going on a quest! Now that the rest of the world is finally aware of how much of a mad crazy brilliant artist Joseph Gordon-Levitt is thanks to Inception, I’m going to be blasting through his filmography. Well, not the whole filmography, but all the ones that are available to me. So, over the next few days, I’m going to posting write-ups on the likes of Brick, 10 Things I Hate About You, Uncertainty, Mysterious Skin, Manic, The Lookout, Havoc, Shadowboxer, Women in Trouble, and, of course, (500) Days of Summer, which I actually didn’t post a full review about, although I don’t really know how much else I can say on that film. I’ll end with a write-up on the man in general. Maybe, y’all don’t really understand why I have such an unconditional love for this guy. As with all blog-a-thons, I’m opening the doors to you all, so, if you want to contribute, please do. Reviews of films JGL has been in (this includes Inception). A review of his whole body of work. A write up of why all child actors should follow his lead. A post of why you desperately want to sleep with him. Whatever you want. Send it my way. You’ll be satisfactorily represented!