• Sour Little Ditty

    Sour Little Ditty

    Day 9 gets ugly! The JGL train hit a coin yesterday with Uncertainty, and now it goes flying off the tracks, Fugitive style, with this latest film. Let me get...

  • Broken! Not Bent!

    Broken! Not Bent!

    Summer 2010 will go down in history as THE WORST SUMMER MOVIE SEASON EVER!!! Seriously, what game are the filmmakers trying to pull here? Studios! Are you intentionally giving us...

  • How the West Was Lost!!

    How the West Was Lost!!

    I have neither the energy nor the interest to write a full review of Jonah Hex, so, this’ll be quick. Jonah Hex is not worth any of the hard earned...

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    Your Worst Nightmare

    Well, I guess it’s that time of the year. You all know what I’m talking about. That point in the year where nothing interesting is coming out, and the studios...


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